Mortal Kombat’s Legendary Techno Anthem Got A Really Good Remix!

You know that there is a Mortal Kombat movie coming up and we all are excited to see how it will turn out. And if you are familiar with the series you know the Immortal’s classic Techno Syndrome. It’s basically the theme song for the series. The thing is, this song is got a remaster by the Shazam composer Benjamin Wallfisch.

Wallfisch said “When I was invited to come on board Mortal Kombat, I was very aware of the responsibility that comes with scoring a franchise so deeply embedded in pop culture and with such a passionate fanbase,” in a press statement about the remaster of this classic legendary track. Wallfish worked with  Mortal Kombat director Simon McQuoid to remaster this track after he got the blessing of The Immortals.

McQuiod said “Ben and I both knew that we needed to use the classic Immortals track Techno Syndrome as source material for the entire score of Mortal Kombat. But along with that, we knew that an updated elevated version of the song also needed to be created. And Ben certainly delivered, I am so excited by this new 2021 version of the track, when I first heard it, it blew my mind. Actually, Ben kind of blew my mind on a daily basis through the making of this film, so we can all thank Benjamin Wallfisch for his genius and passion in creating Techno Syndrome 2021.”

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