Some Sources Say That Last of Us Remake is On Development and The Sequel for Days Gone 2 is Rejected!

Sony Studios is reportedly working on a remake for the Last of Us. In a new report on Bloomberg about some problems and dissatisfaction among the studios under Sony’s umbrella, sources say that a remake for Last of Us has been started with the code name T1X by Michael Mumbauer. Mumbauer is the founder of Visual Arts Service Group.

It says that Mumbaer assembled a new experienced developer group with about 30 people. After they left the idea of a remake of the first Uncharted game, they settled on a remake of the Last of Us. But developers had some problems because Sony decided to keep their project a secret and refused to pay extra budget to them. Apparently, Herman Hulst, head of the PlayStation Studios found this project too expensive and moved Mumbaer’s team to help with the development of Last of Us 2.

Now we know that Last of Us 2 is completed, so what happened to the Mumbaer’s team you might ask. According to the sources of Bloomberg, after the development of Last of Us 2 finally finished, Sony moved some Naughty Dog developers to the T1X project. Shortly after this became a Naughty Dog project and Mumbaer’s team left the company.

The same Bloomberg report also says that after the release of the Days Gone in 2019, Sony’s Bend Studios pitched a sequel for the game but it got rejected. And apparently, after this project got rejected, Sony moved the Bend Studio onto two Naughty Dog projects. A multiplayer game and an Uncharted game.

Reportedly, some staff from Bend Studios left the company in response to this. This project getting rejected and other problems about the leadership of the company led to these people leaving this company.

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