Outriders Hit 100.000 Concurrent Players on Steam!

People Can Fly’s looter shooter game Outriders hit 100,000 players on steam. And it’s currently the top-selling game that is £49.99.

If you want a comparison, Square Enix’s Avengers’ peak number of concurrent players on steam is 28,145. And when you think how big of a project Avengers was, this kind of explains the hugeness of the Outriders.

Well, Square Enix actually made a really great success with Outriders. But there are some little problems, Outriders suffered some server issues this week and it made the game a real pain for the players.

Along with server issues, there are some issues about the game crashing. To prevent these crashes, People Can Fly disabled the automatic matchmaking between the PC and the consoles. Square Enix explained that cross-play won’t come back this week.

The companies are doing their best to stop these issues with the game. And I’m pretty sure that these problems will be solved in the near future. But right now we have to wait a long time to log in. Also, we have to consider ourselves lucky if we get to play without any interruptions.

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