Neighbour Shoots Gamer’s PC, Creating A Hole in it

Neighbor shots gamer’s pc after they took a shot towards the person’s house, giving another example of the importance of gun control. As a result, the PC became unusable.

GoldenWrapper did not know what’s going on at the time of the incident, so they called the cops. As for the neighbor, they fled the area just to return afterward, leading them to get arrested.

Although other users tried to encourage them to, GoldenWrapper decided to not impose charges on the neighbor, saying “Don’t want to shell out the dough for the legal fees (couldn’t afford it anyways) and mistakes happen I suppose— even one as grave as this.”

insurance paid off but due to the current shortage, the payment won’t cover the price of a new GPU. GoldenWrapper said that they have been trying to get a 3060 but all that can be found was 3090s.

At least no one got hurt in the accident, which can be considered as the only good thing out of this. The whole thing shows the importance of gun control.

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