Some Modders are Making A Amazing Star Wars RPG Mod to Fallout: New Vegas!

Star Wars Open Worlds is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that takes you to whole another universe. As you can guess, the Star Wars Universe. And it offers players the choice-based storytelling that New Vegas did.

This open-minded great project is made by a tiny team of modders. And you can choose a path when you start up the game; Darkside, Lightside, Gray, and Sandbox. The story starts like this, After you get abducted by slavers, you end up with a ragtag group of captives that are planning their escape from these slavers. And all of these takes place against the backdrop of a newly-formed Galactic Empire.

The modders explain that “The path you choose will influence the direction of the story, the conclusion, and which companions are available to you. The player will be able to design their character at the start of the game using an in-depth customization system. Choose your species, name, and various facial features to create a character unique to you. Because this is an RPG game, the player will also be able to choose various skills to upgrade and unlock as they progress.”

There twelve planets that are available for you to explore, and they have “breathtakingly unique environments, stories, and characters.” And you will be able to choose from various ways to play the game. You can get professional on ranged weapons and take out your enemies without them even noticing, or you can be a brawler who takes out people the old way. It’s all up to you.

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