Counter-Strike Pro Player Sentenced to 116 Years Jail for Fraud

An ex-pro Counter-Strike player, Shayene “shAy” Victorio, got convicted of fraud and sentenced to a shocking prison time. When I say it’s a “shocking” one, I mean it. Business Insider, who has provided translation for Universo Online, reports that the ex-pro player has been sentenced to 116 years in jail.

The origin of the conviction dates back to 2013 when Shayene has got involved in alleged fraud of an online store that continued its operations until 2017. The store wasn’t providing a decent service though, as there were more than hundreds of complaints related to orders that are not complete or non-answered refund requests.

Although the jail time is 116 years, laws in Brazil limit that to a maximum of 30 years. Currently, Shayene is also appealing the case, stating that her ex-business partners and ex-husband are to blame. She hasn’t been arrested yet, as she makes an announcement on her Instagram account.

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