Alan Wake 2 Reportedly in Development By Remedy

Control developer Remedy has made some agreements with Epic Games last year, which have resulted in Alan Wake getting back at it with being included in Control’s second expansion. The agreements between the two sides did not stop with this of course, as we are getting to know even more details about those.

Hopes for a new Alan Wake game began with Epic’s publishing deal for an “AAA multiplatform game already in pre-production” was announced. Fans got hyped up for a game that has Alan Wake in it. We got the news that a reliable journalist Jeff Grubb has stated in his Twitch that he has heard about Alan Wake 2 is a project funded by Epic.

He also stressed the fact that Epic is going through a change in their policies, as they started funding newly-formed projects rather than purchasing existing ones. 2010’s Alan Wake has received an expansion back in 2012, but we never got a sequel for it. Maybe the dream is coming true?

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