Fortnite Now Has Stonks Man

Stonks man is now in Fortnite.

CGI creation, a cross between Jeff Bezos and a crash test dummy, is known for its presence on stock market-related memes on the internet.

Its popularity has grown even more this year due to last month’s GameStop stock market bullshit.

Now, on April 1, it’s ready to actually purchase from Fortnite’s in-game item store.

Diamond Hanz, as he calls it, is ready to be purchased for 1200 V-Bucks at 2:00 PM this afternoon in a surprise store update from April Fools.

In the stock market world, diamond hands are a term used to describe someone holding onto gemstones, although there is a risk of a sudden collapse in the process.

Of course, Fortnite is no stranger to meme skins. The release of an alien skin and the Naruto run phrase on the “attempt” day of the 51st territorial occupation party also comes to mind.

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