A Project For PlayStation Vita Got Cancelled After the Announce of PS Vita Store Shutting Down!

Lillymo Games canceled their plans for PlayStation Vita after Sony confirmed that they are going to shut down the online store for PlayStation Vita on the 27th of August.

The game still needs some work done on it. It at least needs six months to get ready for the launch. And when you think about it, you can see that they won’t have the time to release the game before Sony closes the online stores for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PSP.

The shutting down of the stores did not only affect the Lillymo Games sadly, some other Developers are also in some trouble because of it too. In a report with TheGamer the developer of the upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Russian Subway Dogs, Spooky Squid Games explained that they are rushing to get this project done on the time.

Miguel Sternberg from Spooky Squid Games explained “Basically, it’s a whole new headache on top of the already complex process of releasing on consoles as a small dev, The port really has been a labor of love. We’re way past the point where it makes a ton of financial sense to release on Vita, but it’s one of my all-time favorite consoles and I wanted to release a game on it before everything shut down. Most of the ‘price’ of deciding to do a Vita port has already been paid. This is my first time going through this process of coding for consoles – my game dev background is art, not code – so there’s no guarantee I’ll hit the deadline. It’s a lot of stress.”

And surprisingly some developers are not giving up and still releasing some games on PlayStation Vita. But with the shutdown of these stores, I don’t think that this will last long.

Thomas Altenburger made a post on Twitter, explained that his games upcoming Vita port will be available next month as planned. But of course, this will be a ”limited” game. You will only have so little time to buy it before the store shuts down.

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