CD Projekt Red Announced That They Will Make Some Big Changes On Company!

CD Projekt Red announced that from 2022, the team will start to work on two triple-A games at the same time. For years, CD Projekt Red only worked on one triple-A project and they started working on another when one got finished. For example, their only main focus was Cyberpunk 2077 for past years.

They announced this change in a Strategy Update reported on by IGN. They explained that they are going to make some changes to CD Projekt Red in the future. And they will split into two in order to work on their two main franchises at the same time. Cyberpunk and The Witcher.

The heart of this plan is the RED Engine, a videogame engine that will be designed to work on CD Projekt Red’s RPG titles. If this process of rebuilding CD Projekt Red into RED 2.0 Engine works as planned, they will be able to work on two games at the same time from 2022.

The developer also revealed some long-time projects. First of all, they want to “create revolutionary story-driven RPGs, which go straight to the hearts of gamers from around the world”. Secondly, they want to “be counted among the world’s top three video game developers”. And lastly, they want to “ensure a lasting place for brand in the global popular culture”.

CD Projekt Red becomes a more professional company day by day. And personally, I think that with this mentality and work behavior, they will be able to achieve these goals.

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