“Battlefield 6” Is “Battlefield 3 On Steroids” With A Revolutionary Campaign

With the long-rumored Battlefield May 6 coming out just weeks later, more claims about DICE and EA’s upcoming shooter are inevitably beginning to emerge.

Tom Henderson has been streaming information about Battlefield 6 for nearly a year. He claimed that the game was designed with 128 player maps in mind, that these maps would have destructible environments and would have a modern-day / near-future setting.

While none of these have yet been confirmed, most of their claims have been confirmed by other sources in the past. It also has a proven track record in leaking Call Of Duty and Battlefield related- information.

Henderson is back with the most important breakdown of information ever. In a news release, Henderson writes that this year’s Battlefield will be a reboot called BATTLEFIELD. It will also happen within a decade, Henderson also points to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 as a close comparison of how DICE handles the setting. Being installed in the future also means we can expect lots of drones, jets, helicopters, tanks and other high-tech weapons.

Henderson has also uncovered a new rumor that BATTLEFIELD / Battlefield 6 will act as a hub for previous games in the series.

The accuracy of this information is unclear, but Henderson is a proven source with a solid track record. We’ll wait and see.

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