New Pictures Indicate The Arrival of Wild Hunt to Netflix’s The Witcher

New pictures have been taken from the Witcher Netflix series set show that the second season of TV Show will introduce Wild Hunt.

Rumors spike up as Redanian Intelligence leak new pictures from Saunton Sands, UK. The pictures were taken there fueled fans’ expectations for Wild Hunt in the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher, giving them ideas for The Witcher 3’s villains.

The production of the second season continues after several drawbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, some new stars will bring new characters to life with the following season. Like Simon Callow, who will take the role of Dorian detective Codringher.

Adjoa Andoh takes the role of priestess Nenneke, while Cassie Claire will bring Phillippa Eilhart to life. Also, The Witcher’s prequel Blood Origin is reportedly in development at Netflix. It will tell the events that way back to 1200 years ago from the story of The Witcher.

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