People Could Fly Promised Some Punishments For the People Who Cheated on Outriders Demo!

The company behind the Outriders, People Could Fly warned the people who cheated on the Outriders demo and they said that they can see them all. They said “We can see you all. Yes, even the person who gave themselves 600 legendary weapons.” on a Reddit post.

The cheating issue in the Outriders demo is a highly controversial subject. Why do people care about this demo this much you might ask. It’s because players will have the progress they made in the demo carried to the main game.

People Could Fly said when the demo players hit two million, they identified 200 people who clearly cheated.

People Could Fly prepared some punishments for the cheaters. First of all, they won’t be able to matchmake with legit players or the matchmaking will take “significantly” longer. And the best part is, cheaters will be able to play solo but their HUD will have a “discreet but visible watermark” so other people that are watching their gameplay could clearly see that they cheated before.

People Could Fly said “Any account logs found to have evidence of cheating on them on or after launch day will be permanently branded,”

So what if you just cheated on the demo to try it out and you don’t want your account to get banned. People Could Fly said that you will have to delete all your characters and items in your account “in order to wipe the slate clean”.

And if you wonder what considires as cheating, People Could Fly made a list about the subject. It reads as;

  • Intentionally running the game on PC without Easy Anti Cheat (EAC).
  • Modifying game files to enhance a character: levels, skills, inventory, etc.
  • Externally modifying game time to reduce time-dependent features such as vendors and challenges.
  • Using a trainer program or similar to gain advantages within the game.
  • Using gameplay altering programs such as aimbots or wallhacks.

Players who regularly get kicked from online matches after joining will considered cheaters too. But using performance tweaking software isn’t considered cheating.

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