Ex-Bethesda Director Opened an Indie Game Studio!

Ex-Bethesda Director  Ikumi Nakamura announced that she is opening her own indie game studio and developing her own game.

There are a documentary GameSpark and Archipel where they follow Nakamura while she tours abandoned buildings. She revealed that she left Tango Gameworks due to some health problems. “I started wondering whether there wasn’t a way for me to make games while feeling better,” she explains. “I took the decision to quit before it was too late.” 

Later in the documentary, she says “I decided to use that experience to open my own small studio and build my IP,” She also adds that she wants to build a diverse team and she notes that after her E30 presentation, %80 of the messages she received were from women. She also adds that she wants to make a game “full of dark jokes,” and she compares herself to Deadpool. This sounds nice but we all know what happens when you make an offensive joke publicly in today’s world. I hope the team is aware of this.

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