Assassin’s Creed Fans Want The Old Style Back!

Most of us played the old legendary Assasin’s Creed games. You know, the ones without the RPG elements. The ones that whole combat was about pressing a button and watching an animation. Apparently, some fans want that style of gaming back. To be honest, I personally think that the new Assasin’s Creed games don’t make you feel like an ”assassin”. Because you were used to sneaking and killing people with style in earlier games. But right now combat mechanics are so good, it makes you go berserk and kill everyone without sneaking.

The Redditor u/Sarcisto1 made a post about this saying, ”Man, replaying Black Flag and Unity makes me realize that AC had an immersive realism to it. Sure there was the scifi aspect, but I mean I had no fire swords, wolves appear out of thin air, ghost arrows, etc. It seems like new AC tries to pepper their content with mmo fantasy moves. It tonally makes things feel awkward. AC used to sort of be like Uncharted – a grounded experience that would sacrifice moments of realism for the sake of a good adventure, and would ultimately have some farfetched aspect at the end.

”I miss this. I mean Black Flag can look pretty dated at times but there’s an immersion to it I don’t get with something like Valhalla.”

This post got 3.5 thousand upvotes and people agreed with this in the comments. This means that there are lots of people that want the old style back for this series. I don’t think that Assassin’s Creed will go back to that style. But I hope that we could at least get another game series with the old Assasin’s Creed series.

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