An Hour of Rainbow Six Parasite Footage Has Been Leaked, Streamer Didn’t Know About Restrictions

A streamer played Rainbow Six Parasite’s technical test for an hour on a live stream, without knowing the fact that he was not supposed to share the footage with viewers.

The footage consists of Rainbow Six Parasite’s tutorial mission, introducing the basics of the game within it. Tools in the game are also available in mission, all of them including operators, drones, and more.

There are enemies which are called archaeans, they take the name from a single-celled organism that can survive in extreme conditions. They seem to be the common enemy in Rainbow Six Parasite, with some differences between subtypes of it.

In missions, players try to get as much intel as possible, they proceed to gather intel with takedowns and setting up some trackers on alien nests. When under threat, nests get alerted and begin spawning enemies, further extracting a biofilm that slows player movement. Neutralized archaeans also eject biofilm.

There are airlocks between missions where you can decide on getting out or going on, depending on if you gathered enough intel or not. The more you continue, the harder things will get, so you’re gonna have to think carefully before deciding on whether you would like to continue or not. In case an allied falls, you can revive them later, saving the player from an archaean tree, by shooting specific spots around a biofilm that webs around the player. After completing these steps, players can finish the mission via the next airlock.

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