Payday 3 is Coming in 2023

Payday 3 is coming in 2023. Developer Starbreeze made a deal with Koch Media for Koch to pay € 50 million ($ 59 million) to help develop and market the game. Since Payday 3 will adopt the games as a service model, this agreement covers the development of the base game and support for more than 18 months post-launch.

Thanks to this investment, Payday 3 is now fully funded, Starbreeze said in a news release. However, the game will not be released anytime soon as it is scheduled for release on console and PC in 2023.

It is also stated in the news release that Starbreeze continues to own Payday IP. The franchise has proven to be extremely successful with 28 million base games installed so far.

Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren expressed his excitement to announce this exclusive long-term co-publishing deal with Koch Media, adding that they now have a strong foundation for the successful launch of Payday 3.

Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz said Payday 3 will take the franchise to new heights and delight the innovative multiplayer game as well as Payday fans and new audiences.

Payday 3 was announced for the first time in 2016 when Starbreeze bought the franchise for $ 30 million. Starbreeze has faced difficult financial times in recent years, so this new deal could be a positive development for Payday 3 and the company in general.

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