Director Says That They Tried to Avoid Green Screen as Much as Possible!

We know that what makes Mortal Kombat legendary and fun is all that gore and bloody mess. And when we first saw the trailer for Mortal Kombat’s new upcoming movie, we knew that it would have blood and gore everywhere. And we were actually right with that guess. And the surprising thing is director Simon McQuoid said that they filmed the movie with as little green screen as possible.

McQuoid said “I don’t like too much green screen. Even then there is a bit of it in the film, you’ll see some things just couldn’t avoid, but I try and avoid it and I try and make stuff.” during a group interview ahead of SXSW.

He said that filming the movie in a cinematic way ”felt right” for what he wanted to do with the movie. “And so, this I felt very privileged to have this opportunity to sort of bringing these beloved characters to life and respect the material and turn it into this big movie.”

He explained “I’ve done several video game commercials, which I’d always… wanted them to have a scale to them that felt big and elegant and sort of have a beauty within them, but have a sort of cinematic quality to them,” 

“So I did a thing for PlayStation where there were lots of beloved PlayStation characters… I love having the opportunity to sort of bring really well-known characters to life so they feel real and connective to the audience and [Mortal Kombat] was just another version of that.”

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