Rockstar Games Releases A New Patch That Reduces Online Loading Times, Gives Thanks to The User Who Found The Solution

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the solution which was found by a player actually works, and it reduces the loading times for joining GTA Online. The patch that includes this fix has been released.

Early in March, Github user tostercx said that they have found a fix to GTA V’s time-consuming GTA Online joining session loading times. It is claimed that the fix reduces up to 70 percent of loading time. They also shared the fix with other users, saying that it’s “not for casual use”.

In case anyone is interested in technical details, tostercx shared a detailed report, where they explains how things work and what they have done to fix them. Long story short, it’s a problem that was caused by a single-thread CPU bottleneck that happens while joining GTA Online.

After that, Rockstar has confirmed that the fix works, and announced that the fix will be included in the next patch for GTA V and Online. The update is out now.

Tostercx stated that he got awarded $10,000 through the Bug Bounty program, which is found by Rockstar Games.

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