EA is Investigating Allegations About Employees Selling Fifa Ultimate Cards for Cash!

The Fifa community is in a big scandal right now! Fans and players alleging about some employees selling Fifa Ultimate Cards for cash. And EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter account explained that they are investigating this on a status post.

So where did these allegations come from you might ask? It all started earlier that day, fans posted screenshots of their direct messages with a ”employee”. This person is trying to sell powerful Fifa characters for big amounts of money like €1,700.

If you didn’t know, Fifa Ultimate Team works in a luck-based lottery system where you buy cases and open them for characters. And there are some really overpowered rare characters. As you can guess, they are so important for fans that they can spend hundreds of dollars on them. The thing is, this person is selling these cards for a really good price.

Fans are understandably upset about this situation. I get the frustration of that. Online games can get very tasteless and it could turn into a painful experience if someone is cheating. EA said that they are aware of this situation and they said that they are going to take care of it as soon as possible.

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