An Insider Said That Assasin’s Creed 2022 Will be Set During During The Hundred Years’ War

Assasin’s Creed series took us to many different time periods with games. Most being historically important time zones and they really managed to make us understand what it felt like to live in that years. So we are wondering what Assasin’s Creed will take us next.

There were numerous rumors about this subject. Some people were people saying that it will be set in Medieval China. But right now, we are going to talk about a different rumor.

The Redditor ”u/PerformerRelevant465” noticed that Assasin’s Creed insider xj0nathan dropped a new video. There are some cryptic symbols and hints in this video that are left for the viewer to decipher.

People noticed some details in this video. Like a Templar Cross, or a code that translates to 2022. The important part is a comment on the video. The comment reads like “I managed to decipher your code. The #’s are actually colors that make the colors Blue, White, and Red. With the binary code of your leak you marked 2022; the year of the next game The kind of small map is in fact the north-east of France in the Lorraine region which borders Germany and France. With the geographical coordinate, he is in Sofia, Bulgaria (the place where the next game will be made).”

Many gamers think that this game will be probably be set in Hundred Years’ War. A war between France and England went for many years.

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