A Redditor Built Notre-Dame in Valheim!

The Redditor ”u/GIPv” made a post in r/valheim saying ”I built Notre Dame cathedral”. And I must say that it looks awesome!

GIPv explained ”First I made the frame that was based on the real building, then the roof and walls. Walls alone looked too flat, so I added some depth with vertical beams. This looks complicated but most of the parts are connected with joints, rarely did I have to place something with precision. In survival, resources are the only concern (:” in a comment.

However, GIPv did not use the vanilla Valheim to build this masterpiece. They used the debug mode of the game. What’s the difference? Debug mode lets you fly around and build without thinking about resources. But building this in vanilla mode would be such a pain anyways. So I understand why GIPv used the debug mode.

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