Phasmophobia’s Latest Update Will Absolutely Terrify You

Kinetic Games has revealed some details on the new update of Phasmophobia, showing changes and new additions to the game.

“Over the past few months, there has been a beta branch running with regular experimental updates,” the developer stated. “With these updates, the game has been fixed, optimized, and changed in various ways to improve the gameplay for everyone.”

“Some of these changes are quite significant however these changes are made to improve the overall gameplay experience. This update now puts the game into a much more stable state which will allow for new content to start being worked on.”

The new update includes a new setting for sound, specifically for players who have problems with hearing. The difficulty of contracts is also no longer randomized.

Now for the most important part: Ghost AI has been improved. They can follow you from your voice and open doors, closets, and lockers now. Even writing this terrifies me, as that’s scary for sure. It’s also pretty exciting to think about what more can we get out of ghost AI in the future. More stuff added for them means an even more terrifying experience, right?

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