Take-Two’s CEO Said That We Could Get $70 Games In the Future

The CEO of GTA’s parent company ”Take-Two”, Strauss Zelnick said that he thinks consumers are ready for $70 games. So it could be best if you start saving money for GTA 6 right now!

It’s kind of understandable why game prices are going up. We have come to a point where the gaming industry is almost bigger than any other entertainment industry. And with the whole pandemic going on, it’s really hard for the big companies to keep everything in order at the moment.

Zelnick explained “We announced a $70 price point for NBA 2K21, our view was that we’re offering an array of extraordinary experiences, lots of replayability, and the last time there was a frontline price increase in the US was 2005, 2006, so we think consumers were ready for it,” in Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference.

“We haven’t said anything about pricing other titles so far, and we tend to make announcements on a title-by-title basis, but I think our view is [that we want to] always deliver more value than what we charge, make sure the consumer has the experience and[…] the experience of paying for it, both are positive experiences. We all know anecdotally that even if you love a consumer experience if you feel you were overcharged for it, it ruins the experience, you don’t want to have it again. [If you] go to a great restaurant, a really really fine restaurant, have a great meal and great service, then you get a check that’s double what you think it should be, you’re never going back,” He said.

What do you think about this situation, are you okay with paying games $70? Make sure to comment your thoughts in Gamenewsplus.

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