‘The Day Before’ is Basically ‘The Division’ Meets ‘The Last Of Us’

The Day Before looks very promising, a blend of the sad horror of The Last Of Us and The Division’s co-op.

According to the developer’s official statement, the game is an open-world MMO survival set with a deadly, flesh-hungry infection in post-epidemic America and killing each other for food, guns, and cars by the survivors. While it’s not known how much of America you can explore, the story also shows that the developer wanted to separate The Day Before from the zombie apocalypse titles. “You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, set out to find answers and resources to survive,” he says, and the stunning five-minute game preview offers a gorgeous but devastated world, exciting survival mechanics, exciting PvP.

Every day there will be a fight between you and your team against everyone else, whether they are infected or rival groups are going to exist in the end. Moreover, the setting itself is atmospheric, with Christmas trees and hanging lights that offer little to illuminate the shadows, a snapshot of a time long gone. But his colony of survivors is a shelter, and this is where players will touch the base, trade and connect with other survivors.

The Day Before challenges players to become legends of the new world, offers a realistic arsenal of weapons to kill zombies, and hunt other players before they catch you. Not just threats from humans, Mother Nature will guide the player step by step. There are three survival meters in the corner of the screen, and when a blizzard hits, the temperature drops.

Currently, the game is listed on Steam without a concrete version window. This five-minute game passage is extremely stylish and developer, encouraging players to sign up for the game’s newsletter for offers, tips, and more.

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