A Squad Broke the World Record on Call of Duty: Warzone by Getting 162 Kills in a Single Game

The 21-year-old Warzone streamer ”Aydan” and his squad broke the world record by getting 162 kills in a 2v2 $500 kill race wager match. They divided their squad into two teams and made a bet about the match.

The previous world record was 143 kills and they broke it by 19 kills. And the lobby was filled with 150 players. This means Aydan and his squad killed more players than the players who spawned on the map.

Aydan made a Twitter post about this and said that this record ”will NEVER be broken”.

However, people started to debate about this record. The internet site named SBMMWarzone tracks some data about Warzone players and allows you to see how difficult that lobby is. And the controversy starts here. The site classes the lobby that this world record took place as a “bronze one” lobby.

Even Aydan made a joke about this in the stream, he said “That lobby was bronze negative 10! We got blessed with the lobby. It was such a bot lobby.”

And even though there is a lucky element that made it easier for them, this is still a big achievement and a world record.

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