Animal Crossing’s New Mario Blocks Open a World of Possibilities

The Super Mario 35th anniversary set, recently released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is more versatile than it looks. Yes, you can use items like warp pipes and flagpoles to make your game look like a different level from the popular platform games plumber, but why limit yourself that way? As experimental fans learn, some items contribute wonderfully to a wide variety of scenes. In particular, the classic Mario block that looks like a cube of red bricks can not only float in the air, but also hold small pieces as if they were a countertop. So not only do you have a completely new storage option, it also looks really cool. For example, in the above picture from Twitter user GulliverLemmy, Mario blocks are used to build a mini floating town. There are a few more angles on the room that you can visit at DA-6643-5550-7269.

It’s still early, but definitely fans are using blocks in all sorts of creative ways. A common tactic is to use them as floating belts. These can then be decorated with things like plants or shells for added ambience. Here are some of the best uses of Mario blocks we’ve seen so far.

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