A Skyrim Fan Counted All the Steps to High Hrothgar, Its Nowhere Near to 7000!

Yes, someone really counted all those steps and confirmed that there aren’t 7000 steps. Everyone who played Skyrim for more than 3 hours knows the way to the High Hrothgar. It feels like such a long road with a bunch of steps, some NPCs even say that there are 7000 steps. But, turns out that it’s not even close to seven thousand.

A Reddit useru/Jimeeefound this fact about seven thousand steps nine years ago. Their post explaining this journey resurfaced. Jimeeee said “Boredom and curiosity got the better of me so I set out on this epic quest. Please note this topic is in jest, Skyrim is awesome and I won’t be taking it back to the store after this shocking discovery!”

So how many steps are there? The answer is quite shocking because it is so low compared to seven thousand. There are only 748 steps. Yes, you read it right. You can add 100-150 to this number because of the stairs that are buried under the snow. But even that is not close to seven thousand.

Jimeee wrote “So in closing if the Throat of the World was to really include 7000 steps, our journey up to the Greybeards would have roughy been 10 times longer. I suppose you can also say the mountain itself should be about 10 times bigger? Crazy if it was that big in-game. Also, Todd Howard is a lying bastard.”

Of course, you can mod the game to make it actual seven thousand steps, but I think that it would be so big and it would be really boring to climb it all the way up.

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