Tom Holland Doesn’t Seem Satisfied With His Performance in The Uncharted Movie

Tom Holland spoke about his role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie, apparently, he doesn’t seem like he has high hopes with his acting performance.

In an interview with GQ, he said that playing as Drake in the film was “less about land a mark and go through this scene and more about land a mark, stand like this and see my bulging biceps…” sometimes. “It was a mistake and is something that I will probably never do again.”

He continues with his words:

“As soon as you start worrying about ‘Do I look good in this shot?’ acting becomes something other than playing a character. I think there are elements of my performance in Uncharted where I kind of fell under that spell of being ‘I want to look good now. I want this to be my cool moment’. I had to play this very tough, very stoic guy – basically, be Mark Wahlberg. My character is supposed to be a fucking action hero in this moment!

Look, I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know if I succeeded in that. But it was an important lesson learned,” and he goes on with the words that we mentioned before. I think these things that he said don’t mean the film is bad or anything, he seems like he just thinks something is wrong about his role or it’s just a bad way that he played as.

Let’s just hope that his acting turns out to be great and we will enjoy the movie until its last second. The movie was delayed to 2022 by Sony in January, so we got plenty of time until we see the movie.

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