Frogwares Warns Fans, Tells That You Shouldn’t Buy the Sinking City on Steam!

The drama about the game ”Sinking City” continues. The developer studio, Frogwares warned fans. Frogwares said that the Steam version of the game is not that what they made. They warned gamers not to buy it.

The Sinking City is a detective game set in the 1920s. But it got deleted from most digital sale platforms because of a dispute between Frogware and Nacon, the publisher of the game. Frogwares said that Naco didn’t keep their promises and failed to finance development. But Nacon refuses these claims and says that Frogware is trying to discredit them in the eyes of the public.

In January 2021 Sinking City returned to Steam again for a short period of time, before it got deleted again. But it remained on Microsoft Store and Origin.

Right now, you can find Sinking City in Steam. But it’s different from the one that was removed. We don’t know what the difference is, but steam users say that this is the older version of the game, without the achievements or cloud saves. So be careful before buying it.

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