Dragon Age 4 Will Be a Single-Player RPG With No Multiplayer

After the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the tribulations of Anthem, Dragon Age 4 will reportedly be a non-multiplayer single-player RPG.

Just a day after the official cancellation of Anthem Next, a planned update for BioWare’s latest game aimed at overhauling and fixing many of the live game’s systems, Bloomberg reported that Dragon Age 4 will not be multiplayer and instead will be single player.

According to Bloomberg’s report, EA continued to remove all multiplayer and games planned as service components from the RPG in recent months to BioWare, the team behind Dragon Age 4.

This turn to a completely single-player experience is reportedly the result of the success of Fallen Order, which sold millions of copies to exceed EA’s expectations, and the failure of Anthem to win back viewers after a tough launch. Bloomberg reported that sources close to Dragon Age 4’s development say the game was previously designed to include a heavy multiplayer component.

Development of the game started in 2015, and two years later, EA and BioWare reportedly relaunched the development to include long-term monetization, the report said. It seems that this reboot and monetization effort prompted Mike Laidlaw to leave BioWare. Dragon Age 4 was later called the “Anthem with Dragons” by those who worked on the game.

During this time, some of the BioWare leaders stepped back against EA and fought to return development to a single-player focus. If this new report is something to continue, it looks like they’ve finally won the single-player challenge.

The release date for Dragon Age 4 has not yet been announced.

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