A Lawmaker in Chicago Proposed a Bill That Could Ban all the Violent Games!

The crime rate is on the rise in Chicago at the moment. And like always people think that videogames are responsible for it. A lawmaker in Chicago proposes a bill that could potentially ban the sale of videogames in the city.

Democratic Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. has introduced a bill that will change the law that makes the sale of violent video games to minors illegal. And it will expand it to a full-time ban. It will ban all violent games from markets. Such as the Grand Theft Auto series.

This law, HB3531  “Amends the Violent Video Games Law in the Criminal Code of 2012. Changes provisions that restrict the sale or rental of violent video games to minors to prohibit the sale of all violent video games.” according to the summary.

For the years lawmakers and lawyers targeted the videogames. No matter what country you live in, probably you saw something like this happen too. What do you think about this situation, do you think that banning some videogames that people just play to have fun would stop the crime rate? Comment your thoughts.

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