Twitch Gaming Changes The Audio of Metallica’s BlizzCon Performance Clip With Royalty-Free Music

We got to hear Metallica play in BlizzCon 2021 if you have watched it on Youtube and Twitch. But there’s something off in the clip of Metallica playing on the Twitch Gaming channel. After the opening, the song would leave its place to royalty-free instrumental music.

Twitch is taking the corners gently with the copyright issue. They have experience with DMCA takedowns and they don’t want to risk it. Blizzard also warned other streamers about that part of the show, “Note that some segments will feature copyrighted licensed music, and we advise that you do not stream these parts of the show.”

Actually, some of the Twitch chat enjoyed this and we saw texts like “This is my jam” and “METALLICA TRAP REMIX” flowing, we also had F’s in the chat from other viewers.

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