Play As a Cat Called a Biscuit in This New Survival Horror

We play as a mysterious man or woman with a troubled past that comes up while exploring a haunted sanctuary as a typical survival-horror experience. Tired of playing as a person with a troubled past? The good news: This new survival horror game lets you play as a cat with a troubled past.

Created by a small independent team of two called From Scratch Studios, Etched Memories puts you in the shoes of a cat named Biscuit as he desperately searches for his mother and sorts out misty old memories. So what is this cat running from?

“The gray cat named Biscuit, waking up in the middle of a stormy night, doesn’t see her mother anywhere,” says the game’s Steam page. “Feel what it’s like to be Biscuit as you search for his mother through his connected memories.”

This game from From Scratch is described as a first-person and third-person indie horror cat simulation game, and the playable demo looks great. Note that the studio currently sees this demo as more of a proof-of-concept and acknowledges that there is still a lot to do before Biscuit’s adventure can really begin.

“In the full version of the game, there will be special places and Easter eggs that can be discovered from a walk along with the map,” he confirms. “However, please note that this demo will not have these features and the forest will not be that crowded.”

The game is in development, so there is no release date yet.

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