Valheim Got The Second Most Concurrent Players on Steam, Right Behind CS:GO

Valheim has achieved a great count of concurrent players on steam after its release. With a sale count of over 3 million copies combined, the release of Valheim could be one of the most successful releases nowadays.

On February 21st, Valheim’s concurrent players count surpassed the one of Dota 2’s, which made Valheim 2nd in the list, with CS:GO in 1st place. CS:GO’s concurrent players can go over 1.1 million users so surpassing that would be harder than the one of Dota 2.

Valheim’s unique way of PvE-oriented survival game is one of the most important factors for the game’s success. Iron Gate Studios co-founder Henrik Törnqvist made a statement in an interview earlier this week.

“We had a feeling that it would sell pretty well, at least to sustain us, you know. But it being a million-seller, and now two million-seller, is something we could never have guessed,” this shows how surprised they are with the result, “It’s quite incredible, and very humbling also, I might add,”

As long as the game gets regular updates and new content, I don’t see any obstacle in this game’s future. With the modding community slowly being formed, we can say Valheim is an absolute success.

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