Youtube Removed Pewdiepie’s Diss Track ”Coco” for Harassment

Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) started a meme about the Youtube channel ”Cocomelon” months ago. This meme started as Pewdiepie using ”Cocomelon styled” intros. And Pewdiepie announced that he is making a diss track to Cocomelon. There was a similar situation with Pewdiepie and T-Series years ago. And he made a diss track to T-Series called ”B*tch Lasagna”. This song got very popular. And recently Pewdiepie uploaded the Cocomelon diss track ”Coco”.

The video clip of the song caused a lot of controversies. Because it had scenes where Felix said curse words next to children. But Felix said that they censored those curse words while filming the video. The song had lyrics like “Your audience is just a bunch of motherf*ckin virgins.”

When people asked why the ”Coco” got deleted and Youtube made a response on Twitter.

If you wonder what was this ”Coco” song was like. Thankfully a Redditor named u/__Dawn__Amber__ posted the video on their Reddit account.

Well, we all know that this was only a joke and Pewdiepie didn’t want to do any harm, but being Youtuber with 109 million subscribers is a job that comes with lots of responsibilities. It’s kind of understandable why Youtube deleted this video because we know that Youtube is trying to be a platform that is child-friendly these days. Some people say there is no need for this because there is another platform called ”Youtube Kids”, and some people say that this was the right decision. What do you think about this situation? Make sure to comment your thoughts.

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