With This Simple Valheim Fix, Your Performance Boosts Up to 30 fps

Valheim works much better than most Early Access survival games, but depending on your hardware, you’ll likely have a hard time getting a stable 60 fps. Fortunately, a player in the Valheim subdirectory discovered some quick fixes that could result in a huge increase in performance.


Right click on Valheim in your Steam library and go to ‘Manage’ and then ‘Browse local files’.

This should open a window of Valheim’s game files. Click on the Valheim_Data folder.

Find the file named ‘Boot’ or ‘boot.config’ and open it with Notepad.

Add “gfx-enable-gfx-jobs = 1” as a separate line at the top.

Add “gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs = 1” just below the first line.

Save and close the file.

Go back to Valheim in your Steam library, right-click and select ‘Properties’.

Add “-windows-mode custom” to the launch options area.

Close the window.

Open Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and find Valheim under the processes tab.

Right-click and select ‘Go to details’.

Right-click on Valheim.exe, select ‘Set Priority’ and change it to ‘High’.

You will have to repeat this last step with Task Manager every time you start the game.

While you might not get the same boost in performance you get, you should notice a jump in your overall fps. If you are getting any strange lighting or graphics errors, RustyB3ans can delete “gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs = 1” from boot.config.

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