Amazing Skyrim Mod Returns After Almost 5 Years Since Its Disappearance

A well known Skyrim mod called Wyrmstooth is returning after 5 years of disappearance on the internet. The mod came out in 2012 but was removed from modding sites in 2016 after a request from developer Jonx0r.

Well, it wasn’t completely gone since you could use archives of the sites to get to the mod, but considering it’s wasn’t available in mod sites the accessibility to the mod was drastically decreased.

Wyrmstooth mod is an expansion mod that adds items like new weapons, shields, spells, and more. It also has new areas with new dungeons. There’s full voice-acting as well, you can even buy an abandoned port from Lurius Liore and defend it.

You can see the video below where the mod developer explains features of the mod and goes into some details.

You can find the mod on Nexusmods, Steam, and and look deeply into the details of it.

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