Metal Gear Solid 3 Inside Metal Gear Solid 5 Looks Fabulous

A fan of the Metal Gear Solid series started making Metal Gear Solid 3 with Metal Gear Solid 5’s FOX engine. They go with the nickname BeesWX and they request help with the project.

Earlier this week, BeesWX shared his recreation of a part of Metal Gear Solid 3 using the engine of Metal Gear Solid 5. He says that the project is in the very early phase of development and that there is a long way to go with. But even in its current state, it looks promising. You can see the Reddit post below.

They stated that after some more development, they may release a teaser trailer. But nothing is planned right now, and we don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future yet.

The project is open for help, they invite people to join the project so that more progress can be made in a period of time. Since it’s been over 5 years since the last Metal Gear Solid game, this project seems to be the key to getting updated content.

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