Resident Evil 4 Remake in Unreal Engine Looks Fabulous

This fan-made remake of Resident Evil 4 looks absolutely gorgeous, and it uses the power of the Unreal Engine. The visuals are amazing and the atmosphere is perfect. Just check this masterpiece below:

The project is being made by Santiago Ibarra, an environmental artist working for VOID Interactive, he wanted to work on a standalone project, different than the ones he does professionally. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not doing this project professionally. That’s out of the question after you look at the piece of art in the video above.

Resident Evil 4 definitely deserves a remake, and this is one way to do it. When you consider the situation and the fact that this is fan-made, this is truly an outstanding piece of work. It’s worth noting that the rumors of development by Capcom’s Division 1 are still present. But things may not be going at their best state, either way, we will see what happens in the future.

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