Over 60,000 Cheaters Got Banned From Call of Duty: Warzone With The Most Recent Ban Wave

Activision has started banning cheaters which has led to the biggest ban wave of Call of Duty: Warzone. More than 60,000 banners were convicted for cheating in the wave.

There have been complaints from players that the game has a lot of cheaters who use aimbot, wallhack, and more additional features that help them win games in Warzone.

It’s also worth noting that this ban wave has started the day after popular live streamer Vikkstar 123 stopped playing the game, he also shared the reasons why he quit playing with a video.

The video shows a player using cheats during a Warzone match, and looks like Vikkstar is just tired of this whole thing. Let’s hope for a warzone community with much fewer cheaters than before for the future.

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