Nintendo Switch Consoles Donated to Children’s Hospital

After making $ 30,000 of trading stocks on GameStop, Hunter Kahn decided to use some of the money to give it back to his community. The 20-year-old college student donated six Nintendo Switch Lite consoles to Children’s Minnesota Hospital, along with a range of games and accessories. Also, all purchased from GameStop! Kahn shared his donation on Reddit and shared a message about the importance of paying his luck. In an interview with CNN, Kahn stated that the total value of consoles, games, and peripherals is around $ 2,000, and the student plans to use the rest to cover tuition costs at Cornell University.

There has been a lot of negative publicity surrounding the GameStop stock drama last week, and some are still trying their best to make sense of the whole situation. Regardless, it’s nice to see some people spend their earned money for a good cause. Kahn’s gift is not only generous but a well-thought-out donation that will make many children happy.

We will see if other GameStop beneficiaries follow Kahn’s example. Kahn’s Reddit post received a lot of positive feedback, with more than 181,000 upvotes as of this post. The post also received many compliments and some called it a true Robinhood. While Kahn made a lot of money on the stock, the Reddit poster remained on investment; He currently has 50 shares that he has no intention of selling.

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