There May Be More Time Needed for The Elder Scrolls VI Than You Thought

Remember when Bethesda and Elder Scrolls producer told us that we will be waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI for a while? Well, looks like it’s more than just a ‘while’. If you thought of years like 2022, 2023. You should stop thinking like that because a new report shows that the game won’t be coming until 2026.

Tyler McVicker, the pal who predicted the plot of Half-Life: Alyx months before its release, shared his thoughts and guesses on the release date of The Elder Scrolls VI.

Well, 2026 or even 2027, that’s a pretty long time. He also expects Fallout: New Vegas 2 to be released in the second half of this decade. For Fallout 5? Well, that’s for the next decade according to him.

That makes 15 years of gap between The Elder Scrolls VI and the series’ latest game from 2011, that’s a very long time for the gaming industry. Considering development and planning are going on for a long time and at least 5 years to come, The Elder Scrolls VI is probably going to be a masterpiece.

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