We May Get a Next-Gen Version of ‘The Getaway’

Released for PlayStation 2 back in the day, The Getaway truly is a great experience of open-world when you think about early 2000s standards. Graphics are in the spotlight as well, the game has a beautiful view, overwhelming its rivals at the time.

We did not hear from the franchise since the release of the sequel, The Getaway: Black Monday. Even though all the silence from the game, some fans still waited for a new game and kind of kept a little community.

A ‘The Getaway’ fan page on Twitter reminded people that there was a job listing for an AAA exclusive game.

Well, it’s not that unlikely now, is it? Plus, it’S The Getaway’s 20th anniversary in 2022. Could there be some project for the franchise going on? When you add the most important factor -which is hiring people for an AAA exclusive game- there may be a third game for the franchise coming.

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