Takaya Imamura Leaves Nintendo After Three Decades

After 30 years of work for the company, expert designer Takaya Imamura announced that he is leaving Nintendo. He shared the news with his followers on Facebook.

Takaya worked on Nintendo’s best releases like Donkey Kong and Zelda, he also worked through generations after generations in these 30 years.

He worked on Star Fox as well, in an interview, he mentioned that the game was planned to have human protagonists until the idea changed to animals, thanks to another veteran Shigeru Miyatomo.

He proceeded to explain the story, “Miyatomo overturned that and suggested making them animals, […] We made the main character a fox because of its association with the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine near the head office,” he also said that the other characters were chosen from the types which you see in Japanese folk tales.

One of his early works is F-Zero as a designer, a 1990 SNES game. Then he continued through his journey in Nintendo. And the last work he participated in was Starlink: Battle for Atlas for Switch.

He wrote “This is my last day at work. […] Took a selfie with the empty office, guess I won’t be coming here anymore. I’ll miss it.”

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