GTA V Michael’s Voice Actor Was Hospitalized

Ned Luke, who played Michael in Grand Theft Auto V, was hospitalized after he caught COVID-19. A post posted on his social media tells fans that he is in the hospital but will be back as soon as possible.

Ned Luke voices middle-aged, upper-class dad and criminal Michael De Santa in Rockstar’s GTA V. The character is one of three names you can play in Los Santos. The game has grown enormously since its release in 2013 and even became the third best selling game in the UK in 2020. Unfortunately, Luke is currently struggling with the COVID pneumonia case at Emory John’s Creek.

Fans of the actor flocked to wish him well and hope he would get better soon. While The Walking Dead actor Jay Huguley wishes Luke well with “I love you brother”, there are two other names that GTA V fans also know in the comments.

Voices of Trevor, Franklyn, and Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno, is featured in the comments section of his Instagram post to tell Luke to kick COVID’s ass.

We send our best wishes to Ned Luke and hope he gets better soon.

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