Koei Tecmo Files a Lawsuit for an Unlicensed Dead or Alive DVD

Developer and publisher Koei Tecmo is suing an anonymous suspect for allegedly selling an unlicensed DVD with naked Dead or Alive characters, Siliconera reports.

Koei Tecmo took the complaint to the Kanagawa police. The studio claimed that the suspect copied footage of an illegally modified version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation on a DVD and sold it on an online auction site. The DVD featured naked Dead or Alive characters that Koei Tecmo claimed were copyright infringement. The studio will sue for damages.

While this is the latest civil action that Koei Tecmo was a part of, it is not the only action the company was involved in. In 2014, Capcom sued Koei Tecmo for violating Capcom’s 2002 patent for a system that allowed players to unlock content from an old game with a new game. And in 2002, Koei Tecmo won a lawsuit that made Kasumi nude for her modified Dead or Alive 2 skin.

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