You Can Now Play Skyrim With Friends

We all know how Skyrim is, it’s a pretty unique game in its way and was innovative at the time of release. It even has its own cultural effect on a percentage of games. But, something was missing and I’m pretty sure that was co-op.

This is all thanks to the Nucleus mod, which lets you play the game split-screen co-op with your friends. Thanks to the mod, you will now be able to explore the world of Skyrim with your pals.

Splitscreen, that’s a term that I don’t really hear recently. Whenever I hear it, Black Ops Zombies days in Xbox 360 comes to my mind. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this mod with your friends while exploring Skyrim together.

Interested? You can find and download the mod here. I wish you a great time with your friends, have a great day!

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