“Naughty Dog” Appears to Work on a New Secret Project

Naughty Dog’s most recent project in The Last of Us Part II was only released in June 2020, but it looks like the studio is already working on its next game. While this information has not been fully verified by those in the company, the recent activities of some studio employees give us a good idea of ​​what might happen inside.

Towards the end of last year, some Naughty Dog developers began to announce that they were receiving new promotions within the company. While the most notable of these moves probably saw Neil Druckmann become the studio’s Co-Chair, a handful of other changes came as well. As seen on their LinkedIn pages for developers Richard Cambier and Vinit Agarwal, each member was promoted to a directing position in September last year. These two movements are particularly notable as they show that both Cambier and Agarwal will lead the advancing development teams.

Which team can the two lead? That’s the big question here. Agarwal particularly points out in his profile that he has experience in multiplayer games. It’s also worth noting that Naughty Dog has also hired some new employees in recent months. This clearly shows us that the first steps in working on a new game landscape are about to begin.

Even if Naughty Dog is starting to work on his next project, the work on The Last of Us Part II doesn’t have to be finished. In 2019, it turned out that the multiplayer aspect of the sequel was removed from the larger pack, but the development on it was not completely scrapped. Instead, it was said that the vision of this multiplayer component is much broader in scope compared to the Factions mode in the original The Last of Us, and its new iteration will be announced in the future. As of this writing, this statement still has not come true.

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