It Is Said That Netflix Series Of Elder Scrolls Is Being Made

It’s been a while since we got an Elder Scrolls game, but the Elder Scrolls franchise has always been anticipated by a lot of gamers and has a fanbase on its own. While fans of the franchise wait for news about new games from Bethesda, the reports show that we may be getting a Netflix Series instead of a new game.

As reported by TV and film industry insider Daniel Ritchthman, Bethesda has been working with Netflix and developing a Netflix series of Elder Scrolls lore. Looks like Netflix is trying to make another hit like The Witcher in 2019, which is completely normal when you think about it.

Keep in mind that these aren’t confirmed by Bethesda or Netflix yet, even though a Netflix series out of Elder Scrolls lore feels just as normal. This is not the first time Netflix having a series out of video games franchises.

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